When Was Car Insurance Invented

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1. World’s First Automobile Insurance Policy – Ohio History Central


2. Who Invented Car Insurance – Allstate


Gilbert J. Loomis holds the distinction of being the first person to buy an automotive liability insurance policy in 1897, according to the Ohio Historical …

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A compulsory car insurance scheme was first introduced in the United Kingdom with the Road Traffic Act 1930. This ensured that all vehicle owners and drivers …
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4. The First Auto Insurance Policy Was Sold 110 Years Ago This …


Oct 17, 2017 — According to a press release from Travelers celebrating the 100th anniversary of the auto insurance policy, on October 20, 1897, Gilbert J.

5. Who invented car insurance?


May 15, 2020 — The invention of car insurance goes back to 1895, when an unknown company in the UK wrote the first policy. Travelers was the first US …

6. 8 Things to Know About the History of Auto Insurance


Jun 3, 2021 — We wouldn’t have the first real automobile insurance policy until 1897. That is when Gilbert J. Loomis took out a policy in Dayton, Ohio. By …

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Jul 20, 2015 — The first recorded auto insurance policy was sold in 1898 from Travelers Insurance and cost only $12.25. Nowadays, that equals out to around …

8. History of Insurance in America: A Fascinating Tale


Jul 3, 2018 — Travelers Insurance Company issued the very first auto insurance policy in the US in 1898 to a doctor named Truman J. Martin of Buffalo, New …

9. The History of Car Insurance | compare.com


The world’s first car insurance policy was written in 1897 by Travellers. The policy was written to a man named Gilbert Loomis, a resident of Dayton, Ohio.

10. History of Auto Insurance – Infographic | Direct Auto & Life


Auto Insurance: A Timeline. 1891: The world’s first car accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio. James William Lambert, an automobile inventor and true pioneer, …

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Jul 19, 2021 — Just like the invention of fireworks, the concept of insuring vehicles can be traced to the Chinese as far back as 3000 B.C. Merchants sending …

12. When did car insurance become mandatory? – AutoInsurance …


Oct 19, 2021 — Generally, auto insurance became mandatory in 1927. The first state to offer auto liability insurance was Connecticut, in 1925. Connecticut …