Choosing the Top Car Insurance Provider in Florida

  • Florida isn’t an easy place to buy insurance.

    Whether you’re buying your first insurance policy or it’s time for a renewal, it’s never easy to choose between the multitude of options available. Granted there are several major insurance companies that offer attractive coverage options, choosing between them can be a challenge.

  • So, how do you choose which insurer to get your insurance from?
    We’re going to help you determine the best agency to buy auto insurance from.

  • Things You Should Consider When Choosing the Right Insurance Company

    • Reputation
      Speaking to other customers about an insurance company can help you narrow down your search. You can learn about how many customers would recommend the company, product or service to a friend. You can also check online reviews, but they’re less detailed and only highlight one experience.
      Of course, a company won’t only have positive reviews. Research the insurance companies you’re interested in and learn about their history too. If you’re looking for auto insurance specifically, look at their reputation in the auto insurance sector and how reliable their products are. A company’s reputation can help you be more comfortable with your decision.
    • Customer Service
      Good customer service separates a good insurance company from the rest. There’s so much to learn about insurance and a company with a customer service team dedicated to helping you out when you need it can establish you’ve made the right choice.
      You can check the J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores and the NAIC complaint index of the companies you’re considering. You should also learn more about how the insurance company handles your claims. You can check existing customer reviews, talk to other customers who prefer a particular company or an agent.
    • Compare Quotes
      Different companies have different prices depending on the insurance policies. These prices may vary from one to another, so it’s a great idea to shop around. The average cost can vary by locations in the state or even areas within Florida. We recommend comparing personalized quotes from at least three companies to find the most accurate and affordable coverage based on your needs.
    • Coverage Options
      Florida has a lot of uninsured drivers even though insurance is a legal requirement in the state. Having the right coverage could save you from losing money on serious penalties. Learn about the coverages that the insurance company provides. Select one that provides appropriate coverage for your personal or business needs.
    • Look for Discounts
      The insurance provider you choose can have several discounts on your auto insurance policy. While several companies offer discounts for safe drivers, good students and senior drivers, some insurers offer discounts for taking a defensive driving course.
      Be sure to ask about discounts when shopping for car insurance, so you can save money on your premium. There are several factors that determine which discounts you qualify for, so you should discuss the details thoroughly.
    • Financial Stability
      Make sure your potential insurance provider is financially stable. Third-party companies like A.M. Best and the BBB rate insurance companies based on their financial strength. You can consider such scores to establish a company’s financial stability. By choosing a financially sound insurance company you can ensure that you’ll be protected in the future.
    • Accessibility
      Whether you buy your car insurance from a local agent, directly from the company over the phone or online, you should feel comfortable with your purchase. Make sure that the agent or company is easy to reach and interact with. Interactions may include:

      • Online payments
      • Online claim reporting
      • Social media platforms
      • Billing or Claims inquiries
      • 24/7 customer service.
  • Auto insurance is a major investment for any individual or family.
    Following the tips above can help you find the best company for your needs in Florida.

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