Conference for Bringing Together Reinsurers, Carriers, and Brokers

  • A Networking event organized by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) to unite leading reinsurers, carriers, and brokers on a three-day conference.
  • To connect the industry’s property casualty professionals, the association is hosting a three-day learning and networking event in Dallas from October 2 to 4.
  • The APCIA Annual Meeting seeks to unite carriers, reinsurers, and insurers.
  • For sessions and business meetings, brokers will be focusing on the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry under the theme “Insuring What Matters Most”.
  • Featuring expert speakers from key economic, political and reinsurance perspectives, the APCIA Annual Meeting will explore the economic, political, regulatory and global factors that define the property and casualty insurance sector.

  • Following COVID 19, the property and casualty insurance market has been facing challenges starting from tough markets to rising inflation.
  • A range of issues like disaster risk, litigation abuse and global unrest has amplified the complex risks and coverage needs in the property casualty sector.
  • The premium rates are also increasing as risks elevate on a daily basis.
  • As a result, people face risks of no longer being able to afford insurance in a post-pandemic world.
  • Similarly, the government’s role in insurance has been traditionally limited, but there are no renewed government policies in the pipeline that can alleviate policyholders’ risks today.
  • Insurance companies are as a result racing to digitize business operations and client relationship management.
  • So, scaling down is the new strategy for insurance agents who have now resorted to remote working. This has also increased their flexibility.
  • Also, the technology in insurance has been the key to reinventing traditional insurance companies into cutting-edge powerhouses for risk management.
  • Managing and renewing insurance is set to go completely digital through mobile apps, and you can get your clients’ significant coverage discounts if they opt for paperless payment.
  • It reduces costs, increases efficiency, manages risks, and improves industry relationships.

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