Family First Life and Ethos are teaming up in a new partnership.

Family First Life and Ethos Partnership

Family First Life, an insurance marketing organization, has recently announced a partnership with Ethos, a field marketing organization specializing in life insurance technology. This collaboration aims to provide insurance agents with additional resources to better protect their clients.

Shawn Meaike, the founder and president of Family First Life, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We have been interested in Ethos for many years. We have been familiar with the products Ethos has and the impact they have in the industry. This partnership is huge for our company, our agents, our clients, and the industry."

As part of the agreement, customers will now have access to new product options from companies like Ameritas and Senior Life. This move is expected to bring significant benefits to both current agents and clients of Family First Life.

The partnership with Ethos is seen as a strategic move to enhance the offerings and services provided by Family First Life. Meaike mentioned, "Products and personal situations are always changing, and with Ethos, we are one step closer to perfecting the life insurance industry. We feel that the Ethos company and their business model align with Family First Life’s vision, and by partnering with them, we believe a void has been filled."

With this collaboration in place, Family First Life is optimistic about reaching its goal of $1 billion in issued paid premium by the end of 2023, with projections for this year’s total to be around $850 million.

For more information, visit Family First Life and follow their updates on Twitter.

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