GEICO’s Announcement of Significant Office Shutdowns Leading to Hundreds of Job Layoffs

GEICO California Office Closure

GEICO California has recently shut down all 38 agent locations in the state, resulting in the discontinuation of insurance services through telephone brokers. This closure has led to significant job layoffs, particularly affecting agents in the auto and real estate sectors.

Customer Experience

Some GEICO customers were surprised to find the local office in Sacramento closed, with agents redirecting them to call an 800 number instead. According to reports, the decision to close the business was made by GEICO itself, not the local agency.

Featured Agents

  • CB: Specializing in property insurance in Ohio, Michigan, and Delaware.
  • Steve Page: Health expert turned insurance expert from Southern California.
  • Audra Muscari: Offering various commercial and personal insurance options in Pennsylvania.
  • Tamela Jones: Insurance services provider in Mississippi.
  • Ashley Cody: Helping families find the right insurance coverage in Texas.

GEICO Policies and Online Services

Despite the office closures, GEICO reassures customers that policies can still be accessed online through computers or mobile devices. Former California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones expressed concerns about accessibility for consumers who prefer in-person agent interactions.

Monitoring Consumer Protection

The California Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Michael Soller, emphasized the importance of monitoring consumer protection in light of the closures. Offices in Roseville, Fresno, and Modesto are among those affected, with the cause of the closures still unknown.

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