Insurance Nurse Jobs: A Comprehensive Guide to Better Pay and Career Opportunities

Career Change Opportunity: Insurance Nurse

If you’re a nurse considering a career change, becoming an insurance nurse might be a viable option. This article provides insights into job descriptions, helps you find insurance nurse jobs, and explores the possibility of working from home.

Nursing During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses were essential front-liners. However, the toll of the crisis led to exhaustion and demoralization, resulting in many nurses leaving the profession.

Challenges Faced

According to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), 66% of nurses have considered quitting their job due to the pandemic’s impact.

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Earnings and Job Roles

Insurance nurses in the US earn around $59,095 annually in 2024. As an insurance nurse, your duties include healthcare assessment, claims review, and client communication.

Designations Available

  • Health Coach Associate – Helps clients improve wellness strategies
  • Quality Management Nurse Associate – Ensures qualitative policies
  • Appeals Nursing Associate/Consultant – Reviews insurance claims and denials
  • Telephone Triage Nurse – Assesses patients’ conditions over the phone

Remote Work Opportunities

Remote insurance nurse jobs offer flexibility and the chance to work from home. Roles such as Health Coaching, Quality Assurance, and Appeals Analysis can be done remotely.

Benefits of Remote Work

Working remotely provides better work-life balance, reduced exposure to illnesses, and the opportunity to work for a better society as an insurance nurse.

Top Insurance Companies for Nurses

Consider companies like Aetna, Anthem, CVS Health, Humana, and Cigna for remote insurance nurse jobs. These companies offer competitive salaries and benefits to registered nurses.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Working as an insurance nurse opens up new opportunities and challenges. If you’re looking for a change in your nursing career, remote insurance nurse jobs could be a rewarding option.


  • How to Get Insurance Nurse Jobs? Apply to healthcare insurance companies like Cigna, Humana, or Aetna.
  • What Insurance is Required for Nurses? Medical malpractice insurance, E & O insurance, and general liability insurance are essential.
  • How to Get Insurance Nurse Jobs with a Healthcare Degree? Send your resume to companies looking for registered nurses with a valid license and a bachelor’s degree.

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