OBRIEN becomes part of Socotra’s latest online marketplace app pool.

OBRIEN Insurance Solutions has recently partnered with Socotra, a provider of modern software apps for insurers. This collaboration aims to bring speed-to-market and agility to the insurance industry. OBRIEN Insurance Solutions offers outsourced policyholder communications services such as print and mail, EBPP solutions, check printing, lockbox services, and inbound digital mailrooms.

On September 12, 2022, Socotra announced the launch of its App Marketplace, which features 30 app publishers including Agnee, Betterview, Earnix, Experian, Gradient AI, Nuon, Snapsheet, and Unqork. This marketplace, built on Socotra’s cloud-native and API-driven platform, allows insurers to easily integrate apps that enhance various aspects of the insurance value chain and introduce new features and services in just minutes.

As the insurance industry becomes increasingly competitive, insurtech solutions are gaining popularity. With technological advancements, insurance companies now have digital tools to address modern challenges with innovative solutions. According to Dan Woods, Socotra’s founder and CEO, the App Marketplace represents a significant breakthrough for the industry, enabling insurers to quickly connect multiple platforms and launch products faster while reducing maintenance costs.

Joanna Raitano, Head of Stripe Partner Ecosystem in the Americas, highlights the importance of providing consumers with digital and seamless purchasing experiences tailored to their needs. The partnership between Stripe and Socotra App Marketplace offers carriers access to financial tools that streamline payment processes, increase conversion rates, and provide customers with online payment options.

In a previous announcement, Socotra introduced the first set of app publishers, including CAPE Analytics, Coherent, DataArt, Fenris Digital, Five Sigma, Fize, Fulcrum Digital, Geosite, GhostDraft, One Inc, Tranzpay, and Verisk. By listing your agency on the platform, you can easily connect with high-intent insurance leads in your area. Agency Height is dedicated to facilitating connections between insurance agents and insureds, providing the latest local and national insurance news for educational purposes. The content on Agency Height’s insurance news website is sourced from reputable news outlets and insurance publications.

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