Top 4 Insurance Rating Software Options in 2024

In today’s ever-evolving insurance industry

In today’s ever-evolving insurance industry, streamlining business operations and empowering insurance agencies and agents is paramount to success. One transformative solution that has emerged to meet this demand is implementing insurance rating software. This innovative tool is a technological backbone, revolutionizing how insurance products are evaluated and priced.

An insurance rating system simplifies and accelerates the underwriting process by leveraging advanced algorithms and vast amounts of data. It equips insurance agencies and agents with the means to make informed decisions, provide accurate quotes, and deliver exceptional customer service. With the advent of this cutting-edge technology, the insurance industry is witnessing a significant shift towards efficiency, profitability, and enhanced customer experiences.

Here are the 4 best insurance rating systems on the market with their features and benefits that you can use for your agency.



  • Surefyre


  • Data Capture
  • Rate & Quote
  • Policy Issuance



  • Enter quotes for hundreds of carriers
  • Instant Rates & Built-in Underwriting
  • Top-notch Reporting



  • Multiple Channel Sale
  • Retail Renewals
  • Data Exploration



  • Built-in Rating Engine
  • Policy Issuance
  • Fiduciary Accounting

Compare Surefyre with TurboRater

Surefyre is the premier insurance rating system and submission automation platform designed specifically for contemporary P&C MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers. With Surefyre’s versatile no-code configuration, you can effortlessly automate nearly any line of P&C insurance.

Main Features

Data Capture
Surefyre offers a modern application interface that ensures a seamless user experience while automatically validating data. It encompasses essential components such as modern dynamic web forms, streamlined data validation, essential document generation, comprehensive tracking capabilities, configurable reports, and a user-friendly no-code configuration system.

Rate & Quote
Surefyre can swiftly and accurately rate and quote your submissions by leveraging internal and external raters. It covers everything with the Data capture feature.

Policy Issuance
Surefyre streamlines the generation and distribution of comprehensive policy documents for all types of P&C insurance.

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TurboRater Insurance Rating Software offers user-friendly functionality and precise rating capabilities for various policies. It eliminates the cumbersome task of inputting quote information into multiple company websites and significantly reduces the risk of data entry mistakes.

Main Features

Enter quotes for hundreds of carriers
TurboRater allows you to quote instantly from 225 available carriers with accurate rates for various types of insurance.

Instant Rates & Built-in Underwriting
TurboRater’s seamless integration with numerous insurance carriers ensures accurate rates and incorporates underwriting rules directly into its framework.

Top-Notch Reporting
Monitor the progress of your agency with comprehensive quote reports.

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Velocity Insurance Rating Software offers a comprehensive insurance solution designed for various entities in the Property and Casualty market. It includes essential features such as policy issuance, claims management, built-in rating capabilities, and more.

Main Features

Built-in Rating Engine
Velocity offers a robust rating engine for accurate quotes and underwriting.

Policy Issuance
Efficiently generate and distribute policy documents for all types of P&C insurance.

Fiduciary Accounting
Manage accounting processes with fiduciary responsibilities.

Utilize reporting tools to monitor and analyze agency performance.

Compare Velocity with Macaw

Macaw operates on a component basis and enhances automation within specific workflows for insurance entities.

Main Features

Multiple Channel Sales
Track customer journeys across various channels for comprehensive insights.

Retail Renewals
Propel renewal campaigns with flexible configuration options.

Data Exploration
Generate visualizations and reports for deeper insights into data.

Compare Macaw with Surefyre

In conclusion, Surefyre, TurboRater, Macaw, and Velocity are top contenders for the best insurance rating software. Each offers unique features and benefits to enhance efficiency and productivity in the insurance industry.

When selecting the best insurance rating software for your organization, consider your needs, budget, and integration requirements. Evaluate the features offered by each option to make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is insurance rating software?
Insurance rating software is a user-friendly solution designed to facilitate the creation, testing, and implementation of intricate rating algorithms by your actuarial team, reducing the need for extensive IT support. It incorporates built-in version control and real-time data manipulation capabilities for efficient what-if analysis.

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