Which Insurance Agency is More Suitable for Agents: Goosehead or Renegade?

Independent Insurance Agency Models Evolution

Independent insurance agency models are constantly evolving due to intense competition and various businesses competing for the same client base. In this era, traditional methods alone are no longer sufficient for success. A strong support system is essential to foster personal and business growth.

Exploring Agency Ownership Opportunities

Numerous agency models are available, but agents often struggle to determine the most beneficial option for them. Let’s delve into two agency ownership opportunities: Goosehead and Renegade Insurance.

About Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance franchise and Renegade Insurance’s (formerly Covered by SAGE) plug-and-play model offer captive agents the chance to transition into independent agents within the insurance market. Goosehead is a personal lines property and casualty insurance agency that also offers a franchise model. Their "you sell, we service" approach allows agents to focus solely on sales.

Earning Potential for Goosehead Agents

Goosehead agents operate on a commission split basis, earning a percentage of the commission for each policy written. They receive 80% commission on new policies and 50% commission on renewals. Corporate agents with over three years of experience typically earn more than $130,000 annually.

Revenue Streams for Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead generates revenue through its corporate and franchise channels. Corporate agents receive an 80% commission split on new business, with Goosehead retaining the remaining 20%. They also earn 50% in commissions on renewals. From the franchise channel, Goosehead receives royalties on new business and renewals, with an upfront franchise fee and additional out-of-pocket fees for agents.

Market Access and Benefits of Goosehead

Goosehead has access to over 140 carriers nationwide, primarily focusing on personal lines like home, auto, and renters insurance. They offer various benefits such as industry-leading technology, training, marketing support, and more to their agents.

Introducing Renegade Insurance

Renegade Insurance is a newcomer in the industry supported by investors aiming to revolutionize the market with leading-edge technology. Unlike Goosehead, Renegade operates as an independent insurance brokerage platform, offering a "you sell, we service" model with commission-based earnings.

Earning Potential for Renegade Agents

Renegade Insurance agents also earn commissions, ranging from 80% to 95% on new business and 50% on renewals for personal lines. They have different commission splits for commercial lines and provide options for selling life or health policies.

Revenue Model for Renegade Insurance

As an independent broker, Renegade earns from upfront fees, monthly fees, and commission splits with agents. They offer various benefits such as proprietary technology, marketing support, and training to their agents.

Market Reach of Renegade Insurance

Renegade provides appointments with over 90 carriers for their agents and operates in seven states. They offer additional services like lead management software, local SEO, and customer service assistance.

Comparison Between Goosehead and Renegade

Goosehead, established in 2003, focuses on personal lines insurance with a strong franchise network. Renegade, founded in 2018, caters to both personal and commercial lines with a unique technology-driven approach. Each company has its strengths and focuses on different aspects of the insurance market.


Both Goosehead and Renegade offer opportunities for agents to thrive in the insurance industry. Understanding the distinctive features of each can help agents make informed decisions to advance their careers. Explore our agent directory to learn more about affiliated agents and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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